Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOW SHOWING in Home Cinema - 27th May 2009

New to Home Cinema this week...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NOW SHOWING in Home Cinema - 19th May 2009

New to Home Cinema this week...

Monday, May 11, 2009

They came, they saw, they partied.

So opening weekend is over and the marketing campaign has come to a close. But that didn't stop us giving the residents of Home one final party to celebrate Star Trek's release. Last night between 7-9pm (BST) we threw our first virtual party in Home Square. Anyone could come along and we gave away two exclusive uniforms, one male one female, to those that popped by.

As with most events in Home, it turned into one giant dance party. Multiple instances of Home Square ran at capacity and all appeared to be in full spirit. Special thanks to Home users Milnerant and Wip3outs for some great footage on Flickr and Youtube and a big thank you to all who came along. 

Star Trek has already generated a very respectable $112 million at the box office and it will be interesting to see how it fairs this weekend. Nonetheless, this figure pretty much guarantees this won't be the end of the rebooted franchise.

As we continue to find our feet in Home and another campaign draws to a close, our eyes have already turned to the next one. And there is definitely more than meets the eye this time.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Avatar Contest: And the winner is....

A big thank you to everyone who entered the contest, we saw some great entries but as with all competitions there can only be one, actually three, winners :)


Congratulations to chandlerPSX for a great likeness of Chris Pine as Jim Kirk. Other standout entries came from dosh401 and Alarzy.


dreamfreemd wins the best likeness of Uhura with wolvyant and the_chaos_curse also providing great entries but were sadly pipped at the post.


And our final winner is TakMC8 for his likeness of John Cho as Sulu. Nutronic and argenthawke were the other closest entries in this category.

The winners will each be receiving an Enterprise trophy for their Home apartments and we will be in touch directly with further details.

All the entries can be seen here and thank you again to everyone who took part!

Live long, and prosper :)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Star Trek Party in Home this Sunday

To celebrate the release of STAR TREK in cinemas around  the  globe, the residents of Home Europe are invited to attend the first PlayStation Home Star Trek Party. 

Grab your free Starfleet uniform from the Threads Store and head to Home Square between 7-9pm BST on Sunday May 10th to meet fellow trekkers and watch some great Star Trek footage on the big screens. As a special thank you, keep your eyes peeled for the special poster points in Home Square for your chance to grab one of two exclusive Starfleet uniforms, not available anywhere else. 

But be warned, these will only be available between 7 and 9pm BST! If you are in Home Square before 7pm, remember you will need to leave and re-enter in order to see the special poster points. 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Star Trek Takeover in Home Cinema

Visitors to Home Cinema will see a wealth of Star Trek related goodness this week, to celebrate this Thursday's release of JJ Abrams' new film.

Trailers, TV Spots and a series of clips from the film will run until the end of the weekend alongside a variety of posters and artwork from the film throughout the cinema lobby and staircases.

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