Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coverage update

So the event is over but the coverage continues. Here are a few great pieces that have surfaced from a few of the journalists who attended the Q&A on Monday.

Quint from Ain't It Cool has updated his story a number of times and included the live stream and the post event audio stream

YouTube blogger Blunty3000 was our guest from Down Under and covered his attendance.

Screenweek from Italy was one of six outlets from Europe.

FHM from Spain was also there to pose questions about a certain actress playing Silk Spectre.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Audio and Screenshots from WATCHMEN Q&A in PlayStation Home

So it was a success and we have the audio and screenshots to prove it. Expect video footage within the next 24 hours. Thanks to all those who took part and all those who watched!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Webcast from the WATCHMEN Q&A in PlayStation Home

As promised, we will be delivering a live stream from the exclusive filmmaker Q&A for WATCHMEN, taking place in PlayStation Home on Monday. From 4pm GMT (11am EST) sharp, Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons will be taking questions from 10 journalists from around the world on all things WATCHMEN. There is also a chat window where anyone can submit questions they would like to ask the filmmakers, and if we have time we will try our best to put one forward to Zack and Dave.

The live stream is available here to view, alternatively grab the embed code to place on your own website, blog or social network profile. There will also be an edited version of the event available on Tuesday.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Groundbreaking Virtual World Q&A In PlayStation Home For WATCHMEN

So, we hinted at it back in December but today we can now announce our involvement in the first virtual world filmmaker Q&A in PlayStation Home. And it will be happening a week today to promote WATCHMEN. Here is the official release and there will be more information on the live stream coming very soon.

London, 16 February 2009
At 4pm GMT on 23rd February, Paramount Pictures International (PPI) will be staging the first ever filmmaker Q&A to take place in the groundbreaking new virtual world PlayStation Home, promoting the international release of WATCHMEN on March 6th 2009.
An audience of ten guests – made up of journalists, bloggers and fans from around the world – will be given a unique opportunity to put questions to WATCHMEN director Zack Snyder and the graphic novel’s artist Dave Gibbons as part of this ambitious invitation-only event.
The event will be streamed live across the Internet, commencing a comprehensive WATCHMEN webcast which will include integrated film footage and a post event edit with coverage of the red carpet at the UK premiere in London’s Leicester Square.
The Q&A forms part of a broader initiative promoting WATCHMEN within PlayStation Home.  This comprises opportunities to watch exclusive footage in Home’s cinema, and, from February 27th, to choose from a variety of WATCHMEN virtual merchandise including character costumes, t-shirts and even your very own Doomsday clock, from the Home store.
As a first of its kind in PlayStation Home this activity signals PPI’s continuing commitment to innovative and experimental film marketing.  It is being co-ordinated by specialist film marketing agency Picture Production Company and Deluxe Corporation, who previously worked with PPI to give films including IRON MAN and TRANSFORMERS an extra dimension in virtual world Second Life.
Heath Tyldesley, Director, Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures International, commented: “WATCHMEN’s presence in PlayStation Home is a continuation of our commitment to using cutting edge platforms as media to bring fans and film-makers closer together and create a deeper engagement with movie audiences”.

Download the press release and images here.

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