Thursday, September 13, 2007

And the winner is...


This is just a quick post to announce the well-deserved winner of our create-a-transformer competition - Helios, the hot rod, engineered by Jennyfer Ultsch.


Jennyfer, AKA 23-yr old Peruvian student Fatima, scooped the winner-takes-all L$250,000 prize after a panel of judges including CC Chapman and Cybergrrl Oh decided that Helios had the moves and the menace to have the beating of competition including a transforming trash can called Oscar.

Boximus Prim and Oscar

Boximus Prim - a transforming... prim - was declared honorary runner-up, on the strength of how well the concept and execution expressed the unique fusion of Transformers and Second Life itself. Oh, and everybody LOVED Tinybot, who was just so damn cute.


The concept for Helios, transforming from a flame-licked hot rod into an imposing female decepticon, came to Jennyfer in a dream while she was suffering from a particularly severe cold, shortly after she heard about the competition. She worked for 18 hours a day for 4 days to create the avatar, which will now be made freely available to visitors to the Sector 7 sim. Jennyfer, who has only been a resident of SL for 4 months, plans to use her winnings to pay for her continuing university studies.

Thank you to judges CC, Cybergrrl, Liam, Sachi and the audience for making today such good fun, but the biggest thanks must go to everybody who took the time to design, build and enter a Transformer. All the losing finalists were immensely gracious in defeat, and seemed to have genuinely enjoyed taking part in the competition.

Left to right: Helios, Oscar, Boximus Prim, Tinybot, Mirage, Dannyboy Lightfoot, Cybergrrl Oh, CC Chapman

Bring on the sequel!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Announcing the TRANSFORMERS Competition Finalists!

We've checked out all the entries to our Create-A-Transformer competition and selected the following five finalists:

By Sarria Yaffle


By Jennyfer Ultsch


By Serp Dharma


By Tiarnalalon Sismondi


By Nobunaga Ogee

Each finalist is now invited to visit Sector 7 at 10.00am PDT on Thursday 13th September to demonstrate their transforming avatar in action in front of the following panel of judges:
  • DANNYBOY LIGHTFOOT - Silverscreen General Manager

Thanks to everybody who took the time to submit an avatar design, the standard of which was very high across the board. We'll be announcing the eventual winner of the L$250,000 prize as soon as it is awarded on Thursday.

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