Thursday, March 22, 2007


Nice to see we made the cover of this week's Metaverse Messenger, courtesy of staff writer and press event attendee Phoenix Psaltery. The Messenger is one of two SL publications distributed as a PDF (the other being The Avastar). Seems peculiar at first, but it's actually pretty cool once you get used to it.

Plus, check out several more write-ups in languages I'm sure I used to understand:

Second Life Master
Warner Bros fait la promo du film 300 dans Second Life
March 22, 2007

MSN Entertainment Filmnieuws
300 in Second Life
March 22, 2007

A l'envers A l'endroit
300 sur second life: Conference de presse
March 19, 2007

Rueda de Prensa OnLine de '300'
March 19, 2007
This is Sparta!
March 19, 2007

Plus one piece in a language I definitely never understood, but which is apparently 'in the biggest polish internet page'. Sounds promising. PLAY
Matrix pod Termopilami
March 22. 2007

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