Monday, January 1, 2007

Silverscreen v1.1

We had these pictures taken to accompany a press release announcing the island acquisition. The model was developed from our initial concept by Second Life architecural consultants TheV3 Group. On the strength of this early in December '06 we appointed them to build Silverscreen.

The central hub is a meeting point and screening area, as well as being somewhere we can showcase the film-related skins, clothes, animations and accessories we'll be giving away. The four coloured orbs are conceived to function as additional venues and exhibition space, to be developed according to our ongoing requirements (alothough we've since decided to tone down the colour scheme). The tower incoporates penthouse office space and a helipad, with a studio, business centre and rooftop garden at its base. The sim also features a small marina and some wind turbines.

When I questioned the need for helipads, marinas and wind trubines V3 CEO and project lead Liam Kanno was quick to point out that there's very little anyone actually needs in Second Life, that he saw V3's role as being to create an interesting and dynamic space, albeit one fit for purpose. V3 have certainly succeeded in this regard, and working to a realistic entry-level budget. The challenge for 2007 is to fill the sim with equally intersting and dynamic content.

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