Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mezamashi TV (and much, much more!)

Almost ten days on and it's time to post a second DIE HARD buzz report:

Mezamashi TV
In terms of raw media value, this is the pick of the coverage we've received so far - an 8-minute feature for Mezamashi TV, one of Japan's leading entertainment shows. Notwithstanding the language barrier, you can see from the few minutes posted here that they really got into the gonzo spirit of covering a virtual movie junket:

Another keen proponent of the gonzo approach is MTV's LarryCarroll Carnell, rapidly becoming a Silverscreen regular - he attended the 300 Q&A, and came along again for this event. As well as giving it a great write-up on MTV News (syndicated to VH1), Larry also entertained the crowd with his distinctive blend of humorous banter and human pyrotechnics (which is to say, he talked a lot, then wandered to the front of the stage and exploded).

The Silverscreen auditorium moments after LarryCarroll Carnell explodes

The Avastar
Second Life's self-proclaimed tabloid offering, The Avastar is a colourful and well organised weekly PDF chock full of news and views. With a circulation of 100,000 regular readers across the English and German language versions, front page coverage is a great result:

New World Notes
Another big 'local' news outlet, New World Notes, wonders aloud what really constitutes an 'appearance' in Second Life. I've commented on the post by way of offering my take on an interesting metaversal conundrum.

That S'Life
I also had the opportunity to appear on a special edition of That S'Life, a bi-weekly 30-minute show, using a magazine-format to showcase the biggest attractions in Second Life, produced and broadcast live by the Second Life Cable Network (SLCN). Liam and I walked That S'Life presenter Starr Sonic through the Die Hard expo, and talked through some of the logistical challenges associated with the Q&A:

SLCN worked with us to facilitate the live broadcast of the Q&A itself, and appear well on the way to becoming the key player in this space. To find out more about them you can check out this interview with Second Life Insider.

And much, much more, including...
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